TMUX in Edgerouter

I like to have a nice terminal environment – also on my Edgerouter. With a few modifications to my original article this is possible.

One big advantage is that if you loose SSH connection, you will always continue where you left. I also like having my current configuration in one tab, while doing configuration in another.

First we need to configure the Edgerouter to  download software packages

set system package repository wheezy components 'main contrib non-free'
set system package repository wheezy distribution wheezy 
set system package repository wheezy url
sudo apt-get update

Now we can install TMUX

apt-get install tmux

Now I make a few changes to the ~/.tmux.conf  (please see original article)

#set -g mouse on
#bind -n F12 resize-pane -Z
#set -g status-position bottom
set -g status-interval 60
set -g status-right '#[fg=colour255,bg=colour53,bold] #(cut -d " " -f 1-3 /proc/loadavg) | %H:%M %Z '

This is necessary, because there is no mouse driver on the Edgerouter , and it’s pretty slow processor can’t handle screen updates every second.

Edgerouter TMUX
Edgerouter TMUX

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